Preventive maintenance

Preventive Tree Services

A little bit of maintenance can go a long way! Absolute Tree Surgeons can help promote healthy growth on your trees! By removing dead, diseased or infested branches we can help stop the damage from spreading. A lot of the trees we have to completely remove due to damage, could have been prevented by catching the issues earlier on. We can also help prevent property damage by keeping your trees in check before major storms come through.

Mitigate Storm Damage

A little bit of preventive maintenance goes a long way. Tree’s are responsible for over $1 billion in damages every year! With preventive maintance we can spot and eliminate areas that can pose a risk storm damage!

Inhibit healthy growth

We can promote healthy growth in your treas by removing dead, infested and diseased parts of the tree. Eliminating the damaged sections will prevent the issue from spreading throughout the tree if caught early enough!

Prevent property damage

By performing regular preventive maintenance on your trees we can help mitigate property damage. The Hampton Roads area is notorious for the severe weather we can experience. By eliminating overgrown or damage sections of your trees, we can help prevent property damage!


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